What White Sage Ltd. does...

Our team of seasoned recruiting professionals provides personal service and exceptional quality to our clients and candidates for contract and/or permanent requirements.

Our recruitment scope includes: Information Technology Professionals and Information Technology Management. We take great pride in our strong and ever-growing relationships with our many candidates and clients.

White Sage Ltd. is part of the PSAB (Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses) program and is listed on the Aboriginal Directory of Businesses in Canada.

What do you look for in a Staffing Solutions Partner?

Our team has a solid track record and experience in speaking with hundreds of Hiring Managers at various governmental levels including: Municipal, Provincial, Federal, and Crown Corporation. The answer inevitably always comes down to service, quality, and the desire to work with a fully-equipped and experienced staffing partner to fulfill their staffing needs.

When you have a hiring need, whether it is a permanent employee or an individual to help you augment your existing staff to service your clients, we know that cost, speed and quality are the most important qualities of a Staffing Partner.

How does White Sage Ltd. meet your needs?

Our consultants work with you in order to understand your company’s specific position requirements; however, this is only the beginning of the search. A candidate’s skill-set is only the first variable of our matching process. To find the perfect candidate match, we take additional categories into consideration such as: candidate image & corporate culture; and accomplishments / achievements / hiring potential vs. candidate experience. Once we fully investigate and understand all criteria relevant to the position, then our expert team of recruiters searches our internal database of thousands of qualified candidates, social networks, job boards, referral networks, and other proprietary tools in order to develop a shortlist of candidates who can potentially meet your needs.

The next step is to assess the candidates. We do this through a structured interview process, the use of various assessment tools and reference checks, and we tap into our thorough knowledge of the markets we serve. We dig deeply into a candidate’s motivations, we understand their standing and potential amongst a group of their professional equals, and, finally, we present them to our client with a tailored summary of why they are a fit for the position.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Why should a Candidate (or Job Seeker) use White Sage Ltd. for their contract?

We have spoken with thousands of candidates who are looking for contract employment. All of them want to find satisfying and challenging work at reasonable compensation in a suitable environment. As a result, we have many satisfied candidates.

For these candidates who desire contract work, we understand that the opportunity to cultivate one’s profession alongside a variety of organizations and industries, and within various cities throughout North America, is more often the motivation. We recognize that satisfying and continually-challenging work, often involving bleeding-edge technology and products, is also an attractive draw; the candidates we select are assured of some interesting assignments!

Lastly, contract workers generally, and understandably, prefer assurance that they will receive reasonable compensation within a timely manner. At White Sage Ltd., we have relationships throughout the Public and Private sectors within North America as well as a select group of smaller Integration partners whom we believe provide quality services.

We have also established a strong relationship with an organization that provides our pay rolling services. Our Candidates are paid 5 business days after submission of their approved invoice; feature that is rarely provided in our marketplace.

Would you like to deal with a professional team who can help you with your career?

Of course you would - contact us now and let us show you what a professional Staffing Agency can do to help you look good!

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