Heather Maclean

Heather Maclean

Heather is the Principal Partner at White Sage Ltd., in charge of day-to-day operations and the recruiting of consultants for our various public sector clients across Canada.

Heather’s Cree/Ojibwa roots come from the Northern Ontario community of Big Trout Lake.

“My siblings and I were born and raised in a low-income division in Edmonton. As we are extremely grateful to have been brought up in a household that has placed such a strong emphasis on religious values and education, my family has always tried to give back to the Aboriginal community whenever possible.”

While she attended University, she was a regular volunteer with both the Office of Native Student Services as a peer counsellor and with the Faculty of Medicine and Oral Health Services Native Health Care Careers Program at their open houses and career fairs, both at the University of Alberta and in local schools for Aboriginal students. Off-campus, she volunteered with the “Big Sisters” program as a mentor for two First Nations girls.”

“Both of my siblings have developed careers devoted to giving back to our community. My brother is a Physician and flies up north semi-regularly in order to assist at various remote First Nations medical centers where there are no doctors readily available. My sister has a Masters of Social Work and works as a Counsellor specializing in Aboriginal care. We fully understand it is our obligation to serve as mentors and encourage our community’s youth towards a path of education and gainful employment.

White Sage Ltd. aspires to empower and inspire First Nations youth through cooperation with various education-oriented charities and organizations. It is my hope that, through my work as a female Aboriginal entrepreneur, I can help instill a sense of confidence and perseverance in our Aboriginal community."

Our Name and Meaning.

Sage is considered to be one of the most sacred plants to the First Nations and Metis people. White Sage is most commonly burned during a smudging ceremony where the healing and cleansing smoke is thought to protect the mind, body, and spirit from negative energies.

We at White Sage Ltd. aspire every day to live up to our namesake by infusing positivity and integrity into all areas of our business operations and charitable actions. Our firm belief in these qualities set us apart from other firms that offer staffing and staff augmentation services in North America.

PSAB (Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses)

What PSAB can do for you?

Since 1996, the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses (PSAB) has been working to create strengthened strategic partnerships between Aboriginal business owners, industry sectors and the Government of Canada. Through the PSAB, Aboriginal businesses benefit economic development in Canada while further cultivating their skills and values.

The Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB) works to help Aboriginal firms do more contracting with all federal government departments and agencies and assists Aboriginal businesses gain access to the overall procurement process.

The PSAB, while led by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), is a Government of Canada initiative. All federal government departments and agencies are encouraged to participate in this initiative.